West One Pest Control services


Corporate and Facilities Management pest control

An increasing number of facilities management companies in London are turning to West One, finding our flexible and discreet service fits in with their clients' requirements. This field of pest control requires a number of skills not normally associated with your run-of the-mill rat catchers, including a good understanding of the client's wishes. Our years of experience in this area, together with our well presented technicians, provide a polite and reassuring service to building managers and corporate clients throughout the capital and beyond.


We have always been keen to bring our experience in working in restaurants to a wide range of establishments. Recognising that chefs have a myriad of demands on their time has informed us that we need to provide an effective, reassuring and flexible service that does not interfere with the workings of a restaurant, allowing chefs to concentrate their efforts on the more important aspects of running a restaurant.

West One often service restaurants at night, either emailing our technicians' reports or returning to discuss issues at the chef's convenience. Our people have experience in working in world renowned restaurants right through to take-aways and all in between.


Whether you're an independent, a chain or an internationally renowned landmark, your pest control requirements remain the same.

The particular requirements of pest control in hotels are skills we acquire over many years and West One's management has these skills in abundance. With us, prevention is the key function in hotels; to manage and address the risk of pest activity through good advice, innovative monitoring and control methods.

Only highly experienced technicians are used in our client's hotels; working as a team with the staff, identifying the risk areas and then the development of tailored and cost-effective solutions.

When bedbug activity is found it often results in considerable upheaval to the hotel, loss of income and high cost of treatment, together with the prohibitive cost of putting the rooms back together.

In many cases this can be avoided through effective monitoring. West One uses a bedbug sniffer dog at hotels to aid in detecting activity prior to it becoming an issue. These pockets of activity can then be treated more effectively and at limited cost to the hotel.

Clients in the areas of: garden centres, theatres, sporting venues, care homes, food factories, markets, shopping centres, colleges and schools rely on West One for their pest control.